CURED is a permanent grassroots organization based on uniting the entire city through reparations to the black community, ending big money domination and gentrification and building power to the neighborhoods.

Our platform:

Genuine economic development for the black community that would promote economic self-reliance and an end to “welfare economics”.

Sixteen Street South Development project that promotes. supports and creates independent, indigenous independent black-owned commerce.

Black Community Control of the Police with the power to hire, fire and discipline police who should function in our community as servants of the people.

Reintroduction of the policy promoted by former Police Chief Goliath Davis that kept the brutal Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department out of St. Petersburg.

A public policy of economic development of the black community instead of the current public policy of police containment.

Hire and promote more black people to the fire department. Root out the racist attacks on black firemen, policemen and employees in the water resources department.

End the rigged election system that denies the black community the democratic right to elect preferred candidates with city wide general elections that transfers the de facto power to elect black candidates to the white community at large.

Eliminate all primary elections and initiate one winner take-all election in November.

Immediate halt to population removal from the black community in the form of gentrification.

City supported affordable housing to accommodate black tenants, existing and future homeowners.

Promotion of and provision for the institutional uplifting and edification of morale-boosting, dignity elevating black culture.
Reparations for devastating city destruction of historic independent black economic districts and institutions, racial discrimination, oppression and the forced displacement of entire black communities in the name of city economic development.
An end to city support for policies that require the absence of black fathers from homes as a condition for receiving housing and other support.
City supported accessible and affordable childcare that frees up black parents for work, education and social development.
Enhanced public transportation for our distressed community that will make jobs, education and community social life achievable.